Brighton 2018

More than 70 students from our school have recently spent two weeks in Brighton, where we attended an English course preparing for the approaching Cambridge BEC exam.

On our arrival at the LSI school in Brighton the principal of the school welcomed us, showed us around and gave us some useful information in order not to get lost!
Then every student went to his/her host family, curious to get to know it.

The following day, Monday, we started our course by taking an exam first to work out our level of English. According to this one we were then split up in  different classes.
Lunchbreak at 12.45 only was quite unusual for us, because we usually have lunch at 11.50, so everyone was starving.
After lunch we went to Brighton city centre and the LSI staff showed us around. We went to the beach, the gardens and they showed us where we could go for shopping or a drink.

The lessons always started at 9 o´clock and finished at 15.30. We practised a lot for our Cambridge BEC exam.

On Saturday after the first week we went to London. We were excited to visit the capital. When we arrived we got split up in two groups and every group got a tour guide. They showed us the most important buildings in London. We saw the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, London Eye and much more. All the students were very exhausted after that, because we had walked more than 14 kilometres. So the following river cruise on the Thames gave us a nice opportunity to relax. Afterwards we were given some free time to do things on our own just like shopping or having dinner.
In the second week everyone had already got used to school, the life in the host family, the buses, the city and so everything was much easier.

We learned a lot for the BEC exam, did some exercises and a lot of exam practice. We talked a lot in class, which was a good preparation for the speaking part. We also played a lot of funny games, this was a real help for the vocabulary. The teachers were all nice, helpful and funny.

After the two weeks some of us were sad to leave, others were happy to go back home to their families.

In conclusion it was a very nice trip. I can say that I learned a lot and if I ever have the possibility again, I will definitely go again. Brighton and Hove are beautiful and I would recommend it to everyone.


(Janine Volpe und Marco Rutz E16a, MD)


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